M1070 Truck Tractor & M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer 85502

The proportional model:1:35
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Product introduction:

In 1993 the U.S. Army started fielding the M1070 Truck Tractor and the M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer. The tractor is produced by Oshkosh Truck, and the trailer is manufactured by Systems & Electronics, Inc. in St. Louis. The HETS transports payloads up to 70 tons – primarily Abrams tanks, but is also used for other large military equipment such as forklifts and various tracked vehicles. It is capable of operating on highways (with permits), secondary roads, and cross-country. This version of HETS has a number of features that significantly improve the mobility and overall performance of the system in a tactical environment. The M1070 tractor has front- and rear-axle steering, a central tire-inflation system, and cab space for six personnel to accommodate the two HETS operators and four tank crewmen. The M1000 semi-trailer has automatically steerable axles and a load-leveling hydraulic suspension. It is air-transportable by both C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

Item No     85502
Item Name     M1070 Truck Tractor & M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer 
Bar Code     6939319255020
Scale     1:35
Item Type     Static Kit
Model Dimension     Length: 623mm   Width:109.6 mm
Total Plastic Parts     1690+pcs
Total Sprues     34 sprues , platform and tyres
Chromeplate Parts     n/a
Camouflage Scheme     US Army
Resin Parts     n/a
Metal Parts     chain,pin ,bracket,copper tube,copper wire,spring,shaft
Photo Etched Parts     11 pcs
Film Accessory     n/a
Released Date     2011-10
More Features The kit consists of over 1690 parts
>  Detailed  cab.
>  Detailed  frame & chassis.
>  Detailed dashboard instrument panel.
>  Detailed platform
>  Detailed  fuel tanks.
>  The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern included as well as sidewall details consisting of raised section  ribs.
>  Wheel hubs are in great details
>  The windshield and side windows are made of clear parts.
>  8 sets of Photo-Etched detailing parts (total 11 pieces) for steps,grill,anti-skid plate etc.