C-47A Skytrain 87264

The proportional model:1:72
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Product introduction:

       The Douglas C-47 Skytrain is a military transport that was developed from the Douglas DC-3 airliner.

       The C-47 was famous for its dependability, versatility, and ability to carry loads far heavier than the official specs allowed. Famous campaigns involving the C-47 were "flying the Hump" (transport over the Himalyas), dropping paratroops behind enemy lines on D-Day, and the post-war Berlin airlift. The C-47 was so useful that it was used by the U.S. military in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and many are still flying in different countries around the world today.

Item No     87264
Item Name     C-47A Skytrain
Bar Code     6939319272645
Scale     1:72
Item Type     Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model Dimension     Length: 270mm   Wingspan: 402.5mm  
Total Plastic Parts     150+
Total Sprues     6 sprues
Chromeplate Parts     n/a
Resin Parts     n/a
Metal Parts     n/a
Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
Film Accessory     n/a
Released Date     2017-06
More Features     The kit consists of over 150 parts , clear parts for windscreen & windows